Silk Lashes

Full-Set  (New Client     

Classic Extensions                 $149

Volume Extensions  (more full, dramatic look)     $205

*20% OFF ALL FULL SETS                *20% OFF ALL FULL SETS               *20% OFF ALL FULL SETS    

Relash/Fill  (2-3 weeks)

Classic        $55

Volume      $65

Mini Relash/Fill

Classic         $35

Volume       $45

Volume Inserts added into classics

Additional     $10  (fill)

Additional    $20 (set)

 Lash Removal


Not to sure yet?

Try  the "FUN SET" is a good way to give eyelash extensions a try!  

This set is great for an occasion.  This is not a full set of lashes but simply gives you the chance to try extensions before you make the commitment!

        - Girls night out

                              - Parties                                       

                                     - Funeral                                              

- Just for fun